Registrations Open for Session 2021-22 for Classes Nursery to VIII

Parent School Association

In keeping with its mission statement and philosophy, The TSM schools work in close partnership with the parent community. There is an active Parent Teacher Association and open interaction between the Association and the school.

The PTA has an Executive Committee, and communication is general as well as specific to each form in all the campuses. Each class and form has a parent representative in the PTA.

The PSA supports and makes an outstanding contribution to the development of the school.

It provides help, raises funds and enriches school life with its social events. The work of the PSA ranges from assisting with parent volunteers on trips and functions to holding fund raising events for the school and Non – Government Organisations.

It is committed to supporting community development projects through collection drives All school events are scheduled to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among parents, teachers, students and administrators’ Association.

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