Registrations Open for Session 2021-22 for Classes Nursery to VIII

Other Initiatives

  • Franklin Covey Programme

    TSMS, Gurugram has the distinction of being one of the first schools to associate with Franklin Covey Training and Consulting LLP in India to run the pilot of their very successful 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for school children. This has given us the opportunity to now empower our children to be effective in their personal lives and work, and don the mantle of leaders as they grow. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits are steadily becoming an integral part of our students’ life as it is integrated with our teaching –learning process and are a part of all school activities. As our staff has already undergone the same, they continue to support the children to practice and amalgamate these habits in their daily routine.

  • Circle Time

    Circle Time is a weekly activity across the school for all Forms. This is an opportunity for self expression, sharing of thoughts, bonding and teamwork,inculcating school’s core values of sensitivity, integrity, pride in one’s heritage and pursuit of excellence.

  • Show and Tell Sessions

    An essential and effective medium to foster and boost self confidence, enhance communication/public speaking skills, develop interest in a gamut of topics and arenas and encourage peer learning.

  • Discovery Hour

    Specific time is set aside weekly to share information gleaned through various sources and media on myriad issues and topics ranging from space and earth to languages, countries and their history, geographies, people, plant and animal world and much more as per relevance to respective age groups. These sessions enable children to explore areas of learning beyond the prescribed curriculum, inculcate curiosity and enhance ability to question and infer.

  • Contemporary Studies

    Weekly time is set aside to research, share and discuss a wide spectrum of issues and news pertaining to events happening around the world.

  • Book Week and Book Buzz

    The Literary Fest– This week long initiative sees the school turned into a mega library. Children of all classes delve into the realm of stories and books and literature, read, write, tell, enact, construct, present, watch and explore a whole new world of the written word – be it prose or poetry. Story corners and reading corners are created throughout school, Authors, publishers, illustrators visit and hold workshops with children. Dress-up days are organized and new stories are created. As part of the event, a non competitive Inter School Literary Fest – Book Buzz is organized with events such as Poetry Café (Create, Appreciate, Feel, Express), Book Reviews and Book Cover Designing, Poster Art, JAMs, Puppet Theatre, One minute/ Reader’s Theatre, Story Weaving and many more.

  • The Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.) Programme

    DEAR is a sacrosanct time for children and teachers in class to pick up their favourite story book and read. During this daily designated time period, the children make the most of the in-class library which is a collection of books brought by the children to be shared and read by all in the class.

  • Literary Programme

    To inculcate a love of reading in English and Hindi, explore and appreciate various literary genreand authors/poets, the school’s Literary Programme has been initiated. Dedicated time is set aside weekly for book readings, reviews, poem recitation, learning about author and poets and their respective styles.

  • Shri Explorers

    Our week long adventure sports activities within the school for Classes Ankur (Nursery to VIII) and outdoors for senior students, conducted by a team of trained and experienced professionals, is organized to encourage our children to overcome fear and apprehensions associated with adventure and sporting activities and to work in teams. The students participate in activities like rappelling, net climbing, burma bridge, ladder climbing, double jumaring, flying fox and zorbing.

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