Registrations Open for Session 2021-22 for Classes Nursery to VIII

Mr Shantanu Prakash

The world as we know it, is evolving at an incredibly fast pace given the technological development that has already occurred in all spheres,andwith much more to come. In such a scenario, it becomes necessary for educational institutions to focus on developing in students the skills of the future, use of technology and an attitude of life-long learning as these are the bedrocks that make education relevant in a relatively unknown future too.

When I see the diverse and multitude of learning initiatives that the children at all levels are engaged in at The Shriram Millennium Schools, I believe that making children future ready is not an impossible task. It makes me proud to see the Shri Shikshaks and the students in all campuses engage so surely and confidently with latest learning platforms in the cyber world, STEM learning, and a regular use of other means of technology combined with a strong value system, that will undeniably make the children independent learners, develop skills of research, collaboration and critical thinking – all that is necessary to be a part of an evolving world successfully.

I am sure that The Shriram Millennium Schools will continue to be forerunners in progressive learning that enables our students to thrive in any sphere and in any space and time. 

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