Registrations Open for Session 2021-22 for Classes Nursery to VIII

Mr Kartik Bharat Ram


When asked to say something about The Shriram Millennium Schools, I can’t but help go down memory lane, remembering the days when the setting up of TSMS was a cherished and exciting dream for us. With an intent to spread the ethos and philosophy that is so intrinsic and strong in each one of us, this essence of SHRI has over the years touched the lives of so many people – students, staff members and parents.

True to the vision, belief and conviction of the founder, (Late) Mrs. Manju Bharat Ram, The Shriram Millennium Schools in Noida, Faridabad and Gurugram, have ensured that learning is a joyous, meaningful and life-changing journey. “Child centric” in every sense of the word, the progressive and dynamic curriculum and pedagogy ensures that every child enjoys equal and individual opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace…..in their own space!

The year 2020 brought with it a bolt from the blue in the form of the pandemic, and yet despite all the challenges and uncertainties that it unfolded, TSMS forged ahead. This was possible only because of the trust that each stakeholder had in the other and the strong fabric of values that gave each person the strength to sail through these unchartered waters. While the team at school ensured that new skills were learnt to roll out classes on a virtual platform, parents supported the school by becoming partners in the process. Our young students faced these sudden changes with equanimity, often helping their teachers deal with technical glitches. The teaching-learning process saw a definite and heartening paradigm shift. The world may have gone into lockdown, but ‘Learning’ never stopped at TSMS!

As an institution, TSMS believes in empowering all its members, be they Shri Shikshak or Shri Ansh, The Shriram Millennium Schools have been recognised and acknowledged as an environment that nurtures the uniqueness and individuality of every person, enabling them to approach real life challenges with courage, conviction and confidence.

The pursuit of excellence in all spheres of life is certainly the focus, as also is the quest to imbibe the core values that define us. These values give our children the wings to fly to great heights, while also keeping them deeply rooted in their own culture and heritage. Pride and Humility work in tandem, balancing their personality and giving them the strength and courage to express their thoughts without fear and act without hesitation.

As I wish each one of you, the students, staff members and parents of The Shriram Millennium Schools, the very best for a bright and happy future, I do so with a feeling of immense happiness in the knowledge that the vision of our Founder is being carried out with so much passion and commitment.

May the torch of Shri be carried forth by our Shri Ansh to a future that we do not see!

Best wishes,

Kartik Bharat Ram

X tsms gurugram