Registrations Open for 2021-22

Our Philosophy

The Shriram Millennium Schools firmly believe in the age old adage “Vidya Dadaati Vinayam” which means ‘from knowledge comes humility’.

The philosophy is rooted in the Schools’ commitment to provide quality education, create and uphold a progressive and child centred ethos in a happy and safe environment that fosters holistic development, nurtures the potential, inculcates an acceptance, respect and appreciation of individual differences and celebrates the uniqueness of each child.

Flowing from the philosophy, the dynamic pedagogy of The Shriram Millennium Schools is manifested in the diverse academic and co curricular education and a multitude of learning experiences provided as part of the School Calendar. The singular aim of the Schools is to make our children life-long learners and responsible, global citizens by providing learning opportunities that empower and enable them to work collaboratively with and within global geographies, build and enhance self esteem, self-confidence and self-expression.

With Inclusive Education being a part of our philosophy, the Schools’ processes and systems are designed and implemented to provide an impetus to our children to demonstrate sensitivity towards the environment, people and communities that are different from expected norms. The schools’ philosophy is focused on ensuring that each child’s abilities, however different, are honed so that they achieve their potential and grow into discerning and progressive individuals who contribute meaningfully to the global community.