Registrations Open for Session 2021-22 for Classes Nursery to VIII

Mrs. Vasvi Bharat Ram and Mrs. Radhika Bharat Ram


Each time that I hear of the manyamazing achievements of The Shriram Millennium Schools, it makes me immensely proud of our ‘young’ school that continues to remain firmly rooted in the ethos, culture and vision with which it was started!

The story of The Shriram Millennium School took shape on a cold winter morning in 2009, when our Founder (Late) Mrs. Manju BharatRam, a great visionary, along with a handful of us, gathered at the Noida Campus to sow the seeds of this great institution. In our hearts we carried a shared dream and purpose to make this school not merely a haven for academics, but a place that would be an ecosystem of happiness and joy for our very own Shri Parivaar that includes each child, parent and staff member. Providing each child and staff member a safe and happy environment to be who they want to be, along with myriad opportunities and experiences that enable them to carve out a unique identity for themselves and become contributing responsible global citizen that the world can be proud of, was a mandate we began with.

Today, stepping into any of The Shriram Millennium school campuses, when we feel that positive energy, and see in each smiling face the inimitable joy for being a part of this institution, it is truly the realization of our dream. Witnessing our children exploring the realms of learning with such happiness and our Shri Shikshaksmaking learning joyful is an embodiment of the Shri spirit that has created our, ‘Happy Schools’!

I wish every member of this growing Shri Parivaar the best, always!

Warm regards

Mrs. Vasvi Bharat Ram

Founder, The Shriram Millennium School



In a world where results seem more important than the means, it is rare to find a school that values effort over the outcome and understands that the pursuit of excellence is an ongoing process of bettering one’s best. It is rarer to find an institution that focuses on identifying and developing the intrinsic qualities of a child and builds life-skills that can sustain the child through life.

It is heartening to see The Shriram Millennium Schools bear the Shri motto ‘Vidya Dadati Vinayam’-from knowledge comes humility, with pride and be so clearly driven by its aim of creating a space where learning takes place naturally. Our children, whose individuality is nurtured by the child-centric Shri curriculum, are our true ambassadors wherever they go.  They are global in their outlook and yet are rooted in their heritage. Sensitive towards the environment as well as to each other, they hold integrity in the highest regard.

Your role as parents is critical as they grow into responsible individuals with a mind of their own. The three-way-handshake between the school, the parent, and the child is a cornerstone of our ethos at school. It is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling journey that we have embarked upon, the values that we see in action in our children, making each step worth it. It fills me with pride to see our children take the Shri legacy forward and I am certain that the future of the world is in good hands.

Warm regards

Mrs. Radhika Bharat Ram

Founder, The Shriram Millennium School

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