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Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning- Need of the Hour

The core of human civilization sits upon the basic instinct of exploration and gaining knowledge from experience or from events that would have happened in the past. We see babies and even some of the simplest forms of life engage in an activity, faulter or succeed and then store that experience in their memories for future use.

Even as long as 100 years ago, a learning curve formulated by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus proved that the mental retention or absorption rate of an average adult during a regular verbal exchange of information declines steadily over time, reducing it to a bare 2-3% at the end of a 30 day period.

With lowering attention spans in the current world of millennials and mere virtual interactions, this theory stands even more relevant.

 This brings us to how some of the top schools in Gurgaon are trying to overcome this situation.

There are broadly 6 reasons as to why a growing number of schools now include ‘experiential learning’ or hands on learning at the core of their teaching strategies.

  1. Speeds up the learning process
    ‘Learning by doing’ has now by and large replaced rote or repetitive learning. The real time critical thinking, hands on problem solving and decision making that experiential learning encourages, has been proved to accelerate the learning process in children.
  2. Offers safe simulation to real world problem solving.
    The best cbse schools in Gurgaon, have the advantage of space and infrastructure. Exposing children to a replicate of real-world situations in a safe environment within the campus, enhances the learning experience. The children may try out different things, learn from their mistakes and have fun in a supervised and controlled environment.
  3. Empirical experience of theory
    Unmediated learning has been known to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical know-how. When the learner moves beyond the written word and gains first-hand experience of a concept, then retention and correlation of what has been taught improves manifold.
  4. Prepares future workforce of the economy.
    Experiential learning trains and prepares the child to be a part of the future workforce in the contemporary world , where they would have to solve problems, lead by example and make decisions which will affect society a whole.
  5. Accelerates focus and engagement
    Most teaching strategies based on learning by doing, emphasise on teamwork and collaboration. This encourages the learner to understand group dynamics, have a sense of ownership and stay focused on the task at hand as the participant is directly involved in problem solving and the decision-making process.
  6. One size doesn’t fit all!
    Hands on learning provides a huge dearth of options for different kinds of learners. Some are kinaesthetic, some visual, while some are auditory learners. Practical, real-world simulations offered by schools in Gurgaon practicing experiential learning, personalizes the whole process of imparting and absorbing information.

Whereas conventional teaching methods focus on a straight jacket approach where one cannot deviate or change the learning methodology or choice of curriculum, experiential learning encourages the students to set up their own learning pace and effectively absorb information based on their learning mechanism.



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