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School and Parents

We believe that our relationship with parents is crucial to our children's success and therefore great emphasis is placed on good communication and understanding between home and school

We consider that we are partners in the education of our students, and regular and meaningful communication between school and home is necessary. This is done in a number of ways:-

  • We will hold a Parent Orientation at the start of every academic year.
  • Regular parent teacher meetings and Open Days are organised at the end of each term, when parents will be invited to view their child's work and discuss his/her progress.
  • There will be walk-in times and parents will be able to meet teachers with a prior appointment as and when required.
  • Form Mornings / Evenings / Special Assemblies, which parents are welcome to attend and participate in, are held periodically through the year.
  • There will be regular communication through monthly newsletters, detailed circulars, children's school diaries and the website.
  • Finally the Principal, Vice Principal, Academic Coordinators, teachers, and staff will be available, by appointment, to discuss the progress or welfare of the children.

Parent School Association

In keeping with its mission statement and philosophy, The Shriram Millennium Schools work in close partnership with the parent community. The School will have an active Parent Teacher Association and ensure an open interaction between the Association and the school.

The PTA will have an Executive Committee, and communication between the school and the PTA members is general as well as specific to each form in all the campuses. Each class and Form will have a parent representative in the PTA.

The PSA supports and makes an outstanding contribution to the development of the school.

It will provide help, raise funds and enrich school life with its social events. The work of the PSA ranges from assisting with parent volunteers on trips and functions to holding fund raising events for the school and Non – Government Organisations.

It is committed to supporting community development projects through collection drives. All school events are scheduled to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among parents, teachers, students and administrators’ Association.


The Shriram Millennium School prides itself on the working and learning atmosphere that it creates with a well disciplined environment. A high standard of behaviour based on mutual consideration, sensitivity and social responsibility is expected at all times. We endeavour to instill a sense of self-discipline in the children and in this respect, students and staff are encouraged to follow codes of conduct relating to people, work, and the school environment. The Student Council will assist the staff team on matters of discipline, and will be actively involved in the planning and implementation of school initiatives.

Parental support for the standards we set is sought at all times and early discussion of difficulties is encouraged. When sanctions are necessary, they are chosen to suit the individual student and to correct the particular misdemeanour.

Shri Connect Parent Portal

Parent Portal

Shri Connect Parent Portal helps our Parents in the following ways:

  • Gives easy access to child’s records, such as attendance, fee payment, exam results etc.
  • Provides necessary information on holidays and school activities / events. Enables better interaction with teachers.

Parent Portal