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Co-Curricular Activity

At TSMS, we are constantly evolving and adding a host of exciting learning opportunities that are beyond the curriculum and classrooms. The significant objective for the school is to provide various platforms to the children that ensures their holistic development and nurtures their innate curiosity and intrinsic uniqueness. In consonance with this objective, as part of the regular routine through the academic year, the children are involved and exposed to a well defined and comprehensive Co-curricular Programme that develops leadership skills, self reliance, self confidence, self discipline and a strong value system.

Health & Physical Education

The school’s Health and Physical Education programme is a modern, comprehensive physical education curriculum which focuses on a holistic concept of health. It helps the students to critically evaluate the opportunities and challenges associated with a fast paced lifestyle that has become a norm in today’s world, and teaches them to develop an attitude of healthy living and well being. The programme aims at acquisition of movement skills and building specific sport related skills.

Through participation in various physical activities and sports, the students improve their physical skills and fitness and become aware of the important role that motivation, enthusiasm, initiative, self-discipline, self-respect, cooperation and the assumption of responsibility play in the maintenance of a healthy society.

Under the programme, the students participate in the following age appropriate activities:

  • Healthy living
  • Track and Field activities
  • Swimming
  • Soccer
  • Basket Ball
  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Callisthenics
  • Gymnastics
  • Taekwondo
  • Yoga
  • Indoor Games
  • Adventure Sports Programme – within and outside the school campus

Shri Sahyog

Through our community development programme – the Shri Sahyog initiative, we encourage and motivate children from early years to work with communities and contribute meaningfully to causes and issues that help in the development of the society.

Inculcating sensitivity towards all communities and fostering in our children a sense of responsibility and desire to be agents of social change, is our objective with Shri Sahyog. Our children across school will be involved in the school’s social development initiative through collection drives on major festivals and relevant events celebrated in school to support various NGOs and their efforts to make our world a better place. Awareness campaigns and bake sales organised by the children are encouraged to support various causes. The students will also work in social communities in villages on various issues and projects such as cleanliness, health and hygiene, literacy, population control, environment and water conservation, to name a few.

Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Theatre)

At TSMS we have a well defined and age appropriate Performing Arts programme. Children from early years are provided an exposure to various genres in dance, Indian and Western Music and theatre. Subsequently, from middle school, the students will have the option of taking any one discipline in either Indian vocal or instrumental music; dance or theatre and stay with that discipline for three years till Class VIII. Regular training will be provided by our versatile Performing Arts team during school hours.

Visual Arts Programme

At TSMS a comprehensive and age appropriate Visual Arts curriculum is followed for each class from early years onwards in the following disciplines:


Our Art curriculum is aimed at providing graded learning and is also integrated with the curriculum through various activities done at each level. An exposure to a variety of Indian and global art forms and artists will be provided in regular art classes to help the students gain an appreciation of different forms of Art. The effort put in by children as well as their creativity will be regularly showcased through displays throughout the school campus.

Clay Modelling

Clay modelling and sculpture is a key component of the learning process here at TSMS. A regular period is set aside for children to explore and work with this medium. This provides an opportunity for children, not only to unleash their creativity and develop their fine motor skills but is also therapeutic.

Environment Initiative

TSMS’s commitment to the environment manifests itself in the school’s detailed Environment Programme that is aimed at inculcating a sensitivity to the environment in our children along with engendering behaviour change on environment and implementing solutions and actions in the ‘here and now’. The TSMS Environment Programme is continuously enriched with a range of relevant activities and causes that enable the children to help protect the environment. As part of our environment programme and to create awareness about the damaging consequences of using polybags, the school is a ‘No Polybag Zone’. Various campaigns and drives will be organised to inculcate environment consciousness in the children as part of the curriculum.


In order to give exposure to children to activities other than academics and the routine co-curricular activities, the students of Classes IV and above will have the option of being a part of various Clubs as per their interest. As the school is committed to provide a range of learning experiences, the following Clubs will be initiated in the school:

  • Literary Club
  • Debate and Elocution Club
  • Home Science Club
  • Health and Wellness Club
  • Performing Art Club with a choice of Western and Indian Instrumental and Vocal Music, Dance, Theatre
  • Visual Arts Club that includes Art and Clay
  • Quiz Club
  • Math Club
  • Science Club
  • Computer Club


The Shriram Millennium Schools follow the traditional House system which serves to instill in children team spirit and serves as a platform for children to exhibit their skill in various activities through regular Inter House events.. The students are part of four Houses which are:

  • Shaurya
  • Shakti
  • Pratigya
  • Pratibha

Student Council

The School will have a Junior School Student Council which will have House Captains, Vice Captains, Members of Editorial Board, Members of Environment Club, and other positions. Our Student Advisor shares the roles and responsibilities, does expectation management and supports the children to take on and fulfill these leadership roles successfully.

Trips & Excursions

Trips and excursions to places of interest provide enriching educational experiences and serves as an extension to classroom learning. Various age appropriate day trips in and around the city and overnight trips, with a range of fun activities are planned for the children through the academic year. These trips provide opportunities for children to learn to be more independent and responsible.

Other Activities

  • Circle Time – Circle Time is a weekly activity across the school for all Forms. This is an opportunity for self expression, sharing of thoughts, bonding and teamwork, inculcating school’s core values of sensitivity, integrity, pride in one’s heritage and pursuit of excellence.
  • Show and Tell sessions – As part of the teaching learning process, the regular Show and Tell Sessions are an essential and effective medium to foster and boost self confidence, enhance communication/public speaking skills, develop interest in a gamut of topics and arenas and encourage peer learning.
  • Discovery Period – Specific time is set aside weekly to share information gleaned through various sources and media on myriad issues and topics ranging from space and earth to languages, countries and their history, geographies, people, plant and animal world and much more as per relevance to respective age groups. These sessions enable children to explore areas of learning beyond the prescribed curriculum, inculcate curiosity and enhance ability to question and infer.
  • Contemporary Studies – Weekly time is set aside to research, share and discuss a wide spectrum of issues and news pertaining to events happening around the world.
  • The Shri Series – This is a unique parent driven annual initiative of our school and aims at taking learning out of the confines of the textbook and making it fun and relatable while inculcating the spirit of curiosity and enquiry amongst the children. The initiative works on a unique format with the parent community, supported by the staff spearheading it and wearing the mantle of teachers. They are expected to help the children explore and delve deep into an array of age appropriate concepts and topics through use of multi media, hands on activities and experiments, dance, music, theatre, story telling etc. The culmination of nearly three month long preparation will be through a day long mega fair, wherein each class will have individual stalls and display working models, charts, audio-visual material, conduct live experiments and explain the concept and application to the visitors to the stall. Each child along with their respective parents will have a specific time slot to be present at the stall, thus ensuring that every child and parent gets an opportunity to demonstrate their learning. Totally supported by the teachers, the children and parents will take centre stage for this event. In addition, various NGOs and corporate that complement the theme participate in the event.
  • Book Week – The Literary Fest– This week long initiative will see the school turned into a mega library. Children of all classes will delve into the realm of stories and books and literature, read, write, tell, enact, construct, present, watch and explore a whole new world of the written word – be it prose or poetry. Dress-up days are organized and Story corners and reading corners will be created throughout school. Visits and workshops by authors, publishers, illustrators will be organised for the children.
  • The Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.) Programme is a sacrosanct time for children and teachers in class to pick up their favourite story book and read. During this daily designated time period, the children will make the most of the in-class library which is a collection of books brought by the children to be shared and read by all in the class.
  • Literary Programme – To inculcate a love of reading in English and Hindi, explore and appreciate various literary genre and authors/poets, the school’s Literary Programme has been initiated. Dedicated time is set aside weekly for book readings, reviews, poem recitation, learning about author and poets and their respective styles.